Dans: Partner
Song: Artiest: Video
Haley’s Comet   Haley’s Medley The Deans  
Half Past Nothin'   Knock, Knock Jack Savoretti Video
Hanky Panky   Hank Williams Medley The Deans  
Happy, Happy, Happy   Soggy Bottom Summer Dean Brody Video
Happy With You   Happiness Alexis Jordan  
Hard To Be A Hippie   Hard To Be A Hippie Billy Currington ft. Willie Nelson  

Haunted Heart


Haunted Heart

Sammy Kershaw

Have I Told You   Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Elizma Theron Video
Have You Ever Seen The Rain   Have You Ever Seen The Rain Rod Stewart  

Haych, Haych


Man, I Feel Like A Woman

Shania Twain


He’s a Lot Like Me


Ole Slew Foot

Chris Ledoux

Hear My Song   Hear My Song Bouke  

Heart and Flowers


Heart And Flowers                

Dave Sheriff

Heart Body & Soul   Far To Go Ronnie Beard Video
Heart of an angel   Heart Of An Angel Modern Talking  
Heart Of Hearts   Heart Of Hearts Don Williams  

Heartbreak Express


Heartbreak Express

Dolly Parton

Heartless   Send Back My Heart Gary Allan  
Heaven In My Woman's Eyes   Heaven In My Woman's Eyes Tracy Byrd Video
Heaven With You   Heaven With You Daniel O'Donnell Video
Heavenly Cha   What'll Keep Me Out Of Heaven Brandy Clark Video
Hello Jo   Hello Josephine Jerry Jaye Video

Hello Josephine


Hello Josephine

The Scorpions

Hell's Breakin' Loose   All Hells Breakin' Loose Jerry Kilgore Video
He'll Take Care Of You   He'll Take Care Of You T. Graham Brown & Vince Gill  
Her Memory   Talkin'To Her Memory Again Mike Cowan  
Here I Stand   Here I Stand Derek Ryan Video

Hey Bartender


Good As Gone

Joe Barnhill

Hey Let's Dance   Let's Dance Del Shannon Video
Hey Porter   Hey Porter Marty Stuart Video

Hifi Hi


Need Your Love Tonight

John Dean

High Cotton   High Cotton Alabama Video
High Times   High Time For Getting Down Travis Tritt  
Higher Ground   Higher Ground UB40  
Highway Trucker   Highway Trucker Dave Sheriff  
Hillbilly   I Wanna Be a Hillbilly Billy Currington  
Hillbilly Girl   Hillbilly Girl Lisa McHugh  

Hillbilly Nuts


Little Ramona



Hip Swing


Let's Walk Away In Love    

Jim Yeomans

Hippy Dippy Mambo   Man Smart, Woman Smarter Dr. Victor Video



If You’re Gonna Play In Texas


Hold Me Darlin   Hold Me Darlin Gayla Earlene  
Holding On To Yesterday   I Told You So Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis  
Hole In The Wall   Hole In The Wal Scooter Lee  
Holes In The Wall   Holes In The Wal Dale Watson  
Hollibobs   We're Off Dave Sheriff Video
Holly Jolly Christmas   Holly Jolly Christmas Alan Jackson Video
Holy Days   Holy Days Sean McConnell Video
Hombre   De Hombre A Mujer Donato y Stefano  
Home To You   Home To You Michael Ball Video
Homesick For You   Homesick Kane Brown Video
Homeward Bound   Take Me Home Tol & Tol  
Honest I Need You   I Need You Ray Dylan  

Honky Tonk Bar


Nobody But Me

Gary P. Nunn


Honky Tonk Daddy


Can’t Say Goodbye

Prairie Oister

Honky Tonk Dream   Honky Tonk Dream Glenn Rogers  
Honky Tonk Time Machine   Honky Tonk Time Machine George Strait Video

Honky Tonk Twist


Honky Tonk Twist

Scooter Lee

Hookin' Up   Hookin' Up Bo Walton Video
Hooray Henry   Hooray Henry Magill  

Horse Shoe Saloon


Baton Rouge

Lee Roy Parwell


Hot Footin'


The Losing Side of Me

The Mavericks


Hot Love


Hot Love

The Borderers


Hot Potato




Hot Sexy Mama   Hot Sexy Mama Bouke  

Hot Tamales


Mambo Nr. 5 

Lou Bega


Hotter ‘n a Fireball


Louisiana Hot Souce

Sammy Kershaw

How You Drink The Wine   How You Drink The Wine Amber Digby Video
How You Love Me   How You Love Me Kel Britton  
Hucklebuck   Do The Hucklebuck The Deans  




Carlene Carter