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Pa Leeze


Please, Please                       

Scooter Lee

Pack My Bags   Old Life Goodbye Staffan Stridsberg  
Papa Bear's Bed   Papa Bear Keith Harling  
Papa Joe   Papa Joe King Brillo  
Par Ti Cha   She Never Makes Me Cry Vince Gill  

Paris 98


Carnaval De Paris                

Dario G




I Won’t Leave You Lonely

Shania Twain


Patient Heart


Patient Heart

Bekka & Billy

Patsy Fagan   Patsy Fagan Derek Ryan  

Pauline's Waltz (K)


You're The One

Dwight Yoakam


Peace Train


Peace Train                           

Dolly Parton

Pepito del Bo   Pepito Lisa del Bo  
Perdoname   Perdoname Sparx  
Phone In Heaven   Phone In Heaven Mike Manuel Video

Picana Boogie


The Way Thinks Are

Scooter Lee


Picnic Polka


I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart

Lean Rimes

Pictures Of The Past   I Cry Bouke  

Piece a Cake


All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

The Mavericks


Pina Colada


Two Pina Coladas

Garth Brooks





The Mavericks


Play it again Sam


I Could’t Leave You If I Try

Rodney Crowell


Playa Silencio


Playa Silencio            

Dave Sheriff


Playboy's Blues



Dwight Yoakam

Playboy Cowboy   Rock And Roll Cowboy Alan Gregory  
Please, Please PD Please, Please Jason McCoy Video
Poco Poco (Electric Slide)   Kupu Kupu  (Indo Country)
Pulau Seribu (Indo Country)
The Entertainers
Sandra Lintang
Poco Poco Yogja   Benci Tapi Rindu Skyline  
Point Of Rescue   Past The Point Of Rescue Hal Ketchum Video
Poison Love   Poison Love Alison Krauss Video
Poor Boy Blues   Poor Boy Blues Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler  

Poor Boy Shuffle


Poor Boy Shuffle

The Tractors




My Life's An Open Book

Shane Stockton

Pretty Flower Girl   It Is Love Like Before Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder Video