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Song: Artiest: Video

Sad Cha Cha


Just a Kiss

Steve Holy

Salome   Salome Belle Perez  

Saloon Sissor Stomp


Heart Is Right

Carlene Carter


Salty Shuffle


The Salt In My Tears

Dolly Parton

Same Old Something   Every Now & Then Alan Jackson  

Samís Bar


Leave My Mama Out Of This         

Monty Holmes

San Antonio Baby   San Antonio Baby Raul Malo  
Sangria Time   Jug Of Sangria Nathan Carter Video
Santa Anna Winds   Santa Anna Winds The Young Bellamy's  
Sassafras Gap   Sassafras Gap Lee Kernaghan  
Save Tonight For Me   Save Tonight For Me Hal Ketchum  
Say Goodbye   Someone Is Always Saying Goodbye Anne Murray Video

Scotia Samba


Dance The Night Away

The Mavericks


Scrap It


Scrap Pieces Of Paper

Paul Brands

Se Mig   Se Mig Barbados  
Sea Of Heartbreak   Sea Of Heartbreak Rosanne Cash & Bruce Springsteen  
Second Chance   Walk Right Back The Deans / The Olson Brothers  
Second Hand Heart   Second Hand Heart Gerry Guthrie Video
Second Hand Tequila   Second Hand Tequila Jimmy Melton  
See Rock City   See Rock City The Kentucky Headhunters  

Seeing Double


He Drinks Tequila

Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan

Sempre Sempre   Sempre Sempre Albano & Romano Power  
Send Me A Letter Amanda   Send Me A Letter Amanda Hallur Joensen & The Bellamy Brothers Video
Senoritas   Senoritas DJ Jeason Video
Sepanjang Jalan   Sepanjang Jalan Sandra Mooy Video
Separate Ways   Separate Ways Rosie Flores & Ray Campi Video
Seven Miles To Memphis   Seven Miles To Memphis Mark Stuart  
Shades Of Blue PD Two Shades Of Blue Suzy Bogguss  



Ciega, Sordomuda


Shake Your Boogie   Shake Your Boogie And Roll Pete Stothard  
Shake Your Boots   Fly Away Dale Watson XXX
Shakin Mix   Rock'n Roll hitmix Shakin' Stevens  

Sham Rock Shake


Tell Me Ma


Shame & Scandal In The Family   Shame & Scandal In The Family Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels  
Shaping Up   The Shape I'm In The Deans  
Shattered Dreams   How's The World Treating You Joey & Rory Video
She Don't Love You   She Loves Me (She Don't Love You) Gary Allen  
She Just Started   She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs Alan Jackson  
She Thinks I Still Care   She Thinks I Still Care Vince Gill Video

She Will (Sometime)


Sometime She Will

Dean Brothers

She's Kind   She's Kind Pat James Video
She's World's Greatest Lover   World's Greatest Lover Bellamy Brothers  
Shine Your Light   Shine Your Light The Mavericks  
Shiny Eyes   Shiny Eyes Shane Owens Video
Shoop Shoop   The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) Cher  
Show Her You Care   Like She's Not Yours The Bellamy Brothers  



Sho Enough

Tommy Castro

Shooga   Sugar, Sugar (In My Life) John Fogerty  

Shoot The Rooster


Shoot The Rooster

Glen Mitchell


Short Track


Pins And Needles                  

Reba McEntire




World Of Miracles

Carlene Carter

Sidewinder Swing   More Where That Came From Dolly Parton  
Siempre Cha Cha   What You Mean to Me Chris DeBurgh  
Silent Memories   Only Time Will Tell Kenney Chessney  

Silver Shadow


World Of Miracles
Silver Shadow

Carlene Carter

Plain Loco

Silverado   Go Wild Carlene Carter  
Silver Moments   Silver Moments Wieteke van Dort & Ais Lawa Lata  
Silver Steppers   Silver Threads & Golden Needles Dolly Parton  
Silver Wings   On The Wings Of A Silver Bird Dennis Marsh Video
Silver Wings LD+PD Silver Wings Scooter Lee Video
Silver Wings PD+LD Silver Wings Scooter Lee Video
Silvery Moon   Silvery Moon Jack Jersey  
Silvery Moonlight Waltz   Some Things They Can't Take Away Miss Leslie  
Simple Things   Back To The Simple Things Don Williams Video
Simply Beautiful   Simply Beautiful The Lennerockers  
Sin City Swing   Viva Las Vegas She's The King  

Since You Brought It Up


Since You Brought It Up

James Otto  
Singalong Song   Singalongsong Tim Tim  

Single Waltz


Mexican Wind

Jane Browne

Sister Kate   Sister Kate The Ditty Bops  
Sky Full Of Angels   Sky Full Of Angels Reba McEntire  
Sky Loves Blue   More & More & More Bellamy Brothers  
Sleeping On the Foldout   Sleeping On the Foldout Brad paisley  
Sleepy Eyes   Blue Bayou Niamh Lynn Video
Slip Away   Slip Away Scooter Lee  
Slow Quick Quick Slow   Slow Quick Quick Dale Watson  

Smalltown Friends



Joni Harms

Smarter Women   Man Smart, Women Smarter Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels  

Smokey Places


Smokey Places

Ronny McDowell

Smooth Operator   I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) Keith Urban  
SMS Is A Great Thing   SMS Conny Lee Video

Snake Oil


Any Man Of Mine    

Shania Twain

So Good   Good Dave Barnes Video
So Many Miles   So Many Miles Kieran Kane & Somebody's Darling Video
Soft & Slow   Your Man Josh Turner  
Some Girls Will   Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won't Mike Denver Video
Some One Loves You Honey   Some One Loves You Honey June Lodge & Prince Mohammed  
Somebody Else's Moon   Somebody Else's Moon Collin Raye  
Somebody Like You   Somebody Like You Keith Urban  
Someone Like You   Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You John McNicholl  
Something Easy  

If You Love Somebody

Kevin Sharp  
Something In The Water   Something In The Water Brooke Fraser Video

Something Stupid


Something Stupid

Raul Malo & Trisha Yearwood

Something You Can't Buy   Something You Can't Buy James Intveld Video
Sorry   Saying Sorry The Borderers  
Soul Shake   Soul Shake Tommy Castro Video
South Oklahoma Cha   South Oklahoma JP Harris & The Tough Choices Video
Southern Delight   Levanto Las Manos El Simbolo  
Spanish Bible   The Spanish Bible The Bellamy Brothers  
Sparkle   Sparkle Derek Ryan  
Speak To The Sky   Speak To The Sky Brandon Walsmsley  
Speak With Your Heart   Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Collin Raye  

Splish Splash


Splish Splash (I Was Taking A Bath)

Scooter Lee


Spring Swing


Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

Scooter Lee

Squeegee   Squeegee Donny Richmond  
Squeeze Me Tease Me Please Me  


Saori Yuki




Even Itís Wrong                    


Start Over Again   Start Over Zac Brown Band Video
Stay All Night   Stay All Night Derek Ryan Video
Staying In Love   Staying In Love Gerardo, Jacky P. & Pinchitos Caliento Video

Steelguitar & Violins


Failts & All

George Strait


Steps & Taps


They Donít Break ĎEm Like They Used To

Pam Tillis


Stich It Up


Itís a little too late

Mark Chesnutt

Stick Like Glue   Stuck On You Elvis Presley  
Still in My Mind   Elvis Medley The Deans  
Stir Crazy   I Won't Go Crazy Josh Thompson Video

Stompiní It Out


Setting The Wood On Fire   

The Tractors


Bright Side Of Life

The Haley Oliver Band

Stop & Drink   Stop & Drink George Strait  
Stories We Could Tell (32 tellen)   Stories We Could Tell The Mavericks  
Storm Of Love   Storm Of Love Rodney Crowell  
Storm Thunder Sunshine   Storms Never Last Dr. Hook Video

Straighten Up


If You Donít Straighten Up

Scooter Lee

Strange Thing   Strange Thing Roy Torres Video



Southem Streamline

John Fogerty


Stroll Alone Cha, Cha


What A Crying Shame

The Mavericks

Strong Enough To Cry   Strong Enough To Cry Joey Martin Video
Such A Fool   Such A Fool As I Jason Donovan  
Sugar & Pai   Sugar & Pai The Boots Band  
Summer Lovin'   Summer Night Lovin You Brady Seals  

Sun Up


Iíve Got A Feeling For You

Joni Harms


Sundown Waltz


Sundown In Nashville

Marty Stuart

Sunny In Seattle   Sunny In Seattle Blake Shelton  
Sunshine Waltz   All For The Love Of Sunshine Steve Holy  

Surly Boogie


Down in Louisiana

The Lennerockers

Swamp Thang   Swamp Thing The Grid  



Here In The Real World

Alan Jackson

Sweet Baby   Oh Me Oh My George Strait  
Sweet Cafe   Diesel Cafe The Bellamy Brothers  
Sweet Like Candy   Take Good Care Of My Baby Dick Brave & The Backbeats Feat  
Sweet Little Dangerous   Sweet Little Dangerous Heather Myles Video
Sweet Love   Dulce amor Gloria Estefan / Sandra Mooy  

Sweet Maria


Sweet Maria

The Cheaps

Sweet Maureen   My Sweet Maureen Jambalaya Video

Sweet Nothings


Sweet Nothings

The Deans

Sweet Spanish Memories   Sweet Spanish Memories Johnny Marks Video

Sweet Surrender


Can't Fight The Moonlight

LeAnn Rimes

Sweet Sweet Smile   Sweet Sweet Smile Scooter Lee  
Sweet Sweet Wine   Sweet Sweet Wine Wayne Law  

Sweet Talk & Good Lies


Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Heather Myles

Swing City Jive   Swing City Roger Brown  
Swinglish   Singalongsong Tim Tim  
Swing Low Sweet Chariot   Swing Low Sweet Chariot Scooter Lee