Dans: Partner
Song: Artiest: Video
Waco-A-Way   How Far To Waco Ronnie Dunn  
Waikiki   Waikiki Dick van Altena Video
Waiting Tables   Waiting Tables Don Henley  
Wake Me Up And Stay   Wake Me Up Helene Fischer Video



Guitars & Cadillacs              

Dwight Yoakam

Walk Backwards   Walk Out Backward Sara Evans  
Walking Angel   Boardwalk Angel Billy Joe Royal  
Walking On Air   Angel Eyes Michael Learns To Rock  
Walking Through   You And Me Solomon Burke  
Waltz By My Side   By My Side Lorrie Morgan & Vince Gill  
Waltz For A Sailorman   Balada Pelaut Tantowi Yahya  

Waltz In Line


Some One Must Be Feel Like A Fool

Kenny Rodgers

Waltz Of Tears   River Of Tears Highway 101  

Waltz of the Angels


Waltz of the Angels



Waltzing Alone


Lonely Too

Ilse de Lange

Waltzing Out Of Reach   Just Out Of Reach David Ball  
WAM   Man What A Man Nancy Hays  
Wanna Be Elvis   Elvis Tonight Jason Allen  
Wanna Be There (Versie SCDF)   Let Me Be There Nathan Carter  
Wasted Days   Wasted Days Trudy Kits  

Watch Out!!!


I’ve Been Found

Sam Millar

Watcha Wanna Do That For   I Fell in love Carlene Carter  
Waves Of Love   Wherever Love Takes Us Drake Jensen Video

Wave On Wave


Wave On Wave

Pat Green

We Gonna Have A Party   Rockin' Party Burt Blanca Video
We Living Proof   My Living Proof Ricky Van Shelton  
We Love Country  

Country Music Isn't Country Anymore

JK Nick Nichols Video
We Wanna Boogie   We Wanna Boogie Andy Lee Lang  

Wedding Waltz


Leaving Is The Only Way Out

Shania Twain

Welcome To The Weekend   Welcome To The Weekend Nathan Carter  
Well Do Ya?   Do You Love Me? The Overtones  
We'll Be Alright   We're Gonna Be Alright Mike Denver Video
We're Going Separate Ways   Separate Ways Rosie Flores & Ray Campi  

We’re Still Together


We’re Still Together

Frank Nelson

We Won't Dance   We Won't Dance Vince Gill  

Western Swing


Oklahoma Swing

Reba McEntire & Vince Gill

What A Memory PD Sepanjan Jalan Sandra Mooij  
What A Thrill   O What A Thrill The Mavericks  
What Would You Do   What Would You Do Bobby Cash Video
What You Gonna Do With The Band   A Band's Gotta Do what a band's Gotta Do The Refreshments  
Whatcha Reckon   Whatcha Reckon Josh Turner  

When I Cry


It Only Hurts When I Cry

Dwight Yoakam

When I See Ya   When I See Ya TT Grace Video
When She's Bad   So Good When She's Bad Jody Jenkins  
When U Dance   When You Dance The Boppers  
Whenever You Come Back   Whenever You Come Back David Ball  
Where Do I Go (... with me)   Where Do I Go With Me The Common Linnets Video
Where We've Been   Remember When Alan Jackson Video
While I Was Making Love To You   While I Was Making Love To You Niamh Lynn Video
Whiskey in the Jar   Whiskey in the Jar Sham Rock  
Whispering Your Name   I Forgot To Remeber To Forget Chris Isaak  

Who Did You Call Darlin'


Who Did You Call Darlin’

Heather Myles

Who Needs Mexico   Who Needs Mexico Mason James Video

Whole Again


Whole Again

Atomic Kitten

Why Don't You (Séverine Fillion)   Why Don't You Marty Rivers Video
Why Don't You (Diana Dawson)   Why Don't You Spend The Night Ray Dylan  
Why Worry   Kalau Mau Pikir Ricky Pangkerego  

Will You Love Me


Will You Love Me (When I'm Fat Bald & Ugly)

The Borderes

Williams Waltz PD Dreamin' My Dreams With You Collin Raye  



Don't Be Sad

Dwight Yoakam

Wine Me Up   Wine Me Up Tanya Tucker  

Wings Of Love


What If I Say Goodbey

Vince Gill

Winner At A Losing Game   Winner At A Losing Game Rascal Flatts  
Winners & Losers   The Losing Side Of Me The Mavericks  

Wishfull Thinking


Lovin’ All Right

Rodney Crowell

Without A Love   Without A Love The Black Devils  
Woman Trouble   Take It Easy Travis Tritt  
Women Are Made To Love   Joe Knows How To Live Eddie Raven  
Wonderful One   Wonderful One Scooter Lee  

World Of Blue


World Of Blue

Dwight Yoakam

Wrapped Around   Wrapped Around Brad Paisley  

Writing On The Wall


The Writing On The Wall

The Mavericks


Wrong Night


Wrong Night

Reba McEntire

WWW.West   Wild West Runaway June Video